Walking tour

How to feel the desert better and enjoy its beauty and grandeur, (and its difficulties) than by walking through it. You become enchanted by the breath-taking desert landscape. Can you cope with this piece of nature?

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This 11-day hiking trek takes advantage of the variety that South Sinai has to offer. So we climb djabel Serabit al-Khadim to the famous temple. The oldest parts of the Pharaonic temple dating from the twelfth dynasty BC (from 1976 BC.) and are dedicated to the mother goddess Hathor, also called the "Lady of Turquoise". The reason for the existence of this temple are the many turquoise mines in the area in use during Ancient Egyptian times. Furthermore, our journey leads us via the "Forest of Pillars," a collection of ancient volcanic rocks, and the dune sand of Wadi Djabel Himaiyir Iqna. St. Katherine. We climb Mount Sinai and visit the monastery. We stay one night at the ecolodge El Karm.

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Per day we walk around 5 to 6 hours. There are camels for carrying lunch and water and a jeep or pick up the luggage, if necessary to relieve that burden.

Serabit al Khadim - Hathor tempel - Gabel Himaiyir - Forest of Pillars - Dabbat al Habir - Wadi Iqna - Wadi Sahab - El Karm ecolodge - Sheikh Awad - Naqb al Hawa - St. Katherine

11-day walking tour fare: €770 p.p. (excluding air travel)

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