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'The footsteps of Moses''

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South Sinai is a famous religious pilgrimage, mainly in connection to the exodus from Egypt led by the prophet Moses. The book of Exodus would play mostly in the southern Sinai. The area is mentioned in both the Torah, Koran and Bible.

During this 8-day trip, we will mostly Moses' (alleged) Route. In Sinai we visit some of the places connected to the Exodus: Ain Musa, Hammam Pharaohn, Moses' Stone, Wadi Feiran and of course the mountain where Moses is said to have received the Ten Commandments (called Mount Horeb in the Bible), in the Christian enclave St. Katherine./p>

We move on and sleep in the desert, the wild landscapes that have changed little since Moses' journey, realising little bit by little just what an undertaking this journey was 3500 years ago, walking through the desert.

8-day theme tour fare: €600 p.p. (excluding air travel)
For this trip:
- Cairo airport: return Cario or Sharm el Sheikh as possible.
- Arrival Sharm el Sheikh: recommended return from Cairo.

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