Travel with the Bedouins from Southern Sinai Desert.

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At first glance, you are touched by this enchanting landscape and the energy of Bedouin culture. Tolba Eid Suleyman guides you through the natural and culturaWith simple means, trekking and camping is a very special experience. Prepare yourself for a ride and enjoy the primitive life of the small numbers of Bedouin who can call this area their home.
You will never forget the impressive silence and the sheer beauty that takes many forms.

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You become visibly affected by what you experience on the road, both around you and in your deepest inner self.
Lying under the beautiful sky, looking at the stars, you will notice how many of them you can see, including many shooting stars.

Furthermore, we find remains from the times of the Egyptian pharaohs who delved turquoise and copper in South Sinai.
The region is an important religious pilgrimage namely Mount Sinai and the Monastery of St. Catherine. The Sinai was also the route for Islamic pilgrims to Mecca.


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The Sinai Peninsula is an area of 61,000 square kilometers. It was the trade route between Africa and Asia and also a route for crusaders. people lived in the Sinai since the Stone Age. Remains of the Nabateans, whose capital was Petra in Jordan. have been found, among others.