Retreat tour

A journey to yourself.

Come home to yourself, get away from daily stress and material concerns.

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Have you lost track of yourself in the maelstrom of everyday life ... There you are, in the serenity of a landscape and amidst the infinity that will give a different meaning to the term 'desert' for the rest of your life. Space and time are no longer relevant. Suddenly you are one with the earth, in perfect balance with yourself. A feeling so intense and pure that it cannot be described in a tour guide. Anyone who feels himself completely free in its natural surroundings, feels reborn.

retreat trip Image

Do you want to be alone (or with friends) to think and to isolate yourself (yourselves?) in the Sinai? The Bedouin will mount your Bedouin tent on a private special location from which you can explore the area on foot, by camel or by jeep. You can choose to spend time with the Bedouin or you can choose to be alone, away from other people.

The silence of the desert is full of spiritual wealth. The length of your stay and the location of your tent depends on your preference.

The cost of this trip depends on the number of people, days and transport type.