More than a trip...


Poverty and high unemployment among the Bedouin has encouraged me to mount this website selflessly for Tolba Eid Suleiman. The aim is to promote tourism in the Sinai Bedouin, for whom tourism is desperately needed to help. Encouraging 'Bedouin tourism' is a form of development, if only because the Bedouins I know provide food to their families and the poorest of the tribe with their wages. Going to the desert with a small organization like Tolba Desert Tours, helps the Bedouin directly. The money will thus certainly go to the people and will not stick to the hands of large travel companies and intermediaries. By drinking tea or eating with the Bedouin or staying at the ecolodge or in a cabin at sea, or a guided camel trek to a mountain to climb, Tolba makes sure that other Bedouin earn a living too.

that other Bedouin earn a living too. As a contact for Tolba I provide explanation and information about the content and practical aspects of travel and help if needed to put together trips. For years I have been a regular visitor to the Sinai desert journey (with Tolba as a guide) and from my experience I can help people with advice.