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Travel conditions

I have read the travel conditions at the bottom of the page and accept them.

Travel conditions

  1. You can register via the registration form on the website. Subsequently, a deposit of 25% of the total amount will be transferred to account number:
    Tolba Eid Suliman
    Account number: 435 320 0000 3439
    Password / Code: BMISEGCX 140
    Address: Serabit El Khadim
    post office Abu Zenima
    South Sinai
    Registration is final once the registration form and the deposit are received.
  2. After registration and receipt of the deposit you will receive a personal confirmation.
  3. 4 weeks before departure, a further 25% of the total amount must be transferred to the aforementioned bank account.
  4. When registering 4 weeks before departure or less, 50% of the total amount at should be paid at once.
  5. The remaining amount (50% of the total price) must be paid on arrival toTolba. If you wish, you can also pay that amount to the bank account mentioned above (but before the start of the trip!).
  6. You provide your own travel insurance!
  7. It is important that you are in possession of all required valid (travel) documents. Your international passport must be valid for at least 6 months after departure from Egypt.
  8. You arrange your own flight tickets. Tell us the details of your flight schedule, (your flight number and arrival time, at which airport and which terminal) so you can be collected at arrival.
  9. The travel sum includes only the nights between the relevant dates of the selected trip. In case you arrive early or extend your stay, you pay for the extra nights yourself.
  10. Cancellation of the flight ticket and all costs that come with it are in all cases to be paid by the participant.
  11. Tolbatours assumes that each participant is in good health at the start of the trip.
  12. If you must cancel the trip, you owe the following fees:
    - Cancellations until four weeks before departure: Subscription Amount = 25% of the total costs (in case of cancellation the minimum deposit until 4 weeks before departure is always to be paid)
    - Canceling from 4 weeks before departure until the day of departure = 50% of the total amount. It is your free choice whether or not to arrange a cancellation insurance.
  13. In case of an acute medical situation during the trip Tolbatours will of course try to transport the participant as soon as possible for medical assistance. Tolbatours is in no way responsible and accountable in case of acute medical situations during the trip, given the nature of the trip.
  14. Tolbatours assumes that any known relevant disease and / or medical treatments of the participant are discussed with both the physician of the participant as with Tolbatours to confirm whether he / she is fit to make such a trip.
  15. Any known diseases or condition of the participant should not hinder the group during the trip.
  16. As a participant needs or wants to leave the tour early, there will be additional costs for the participant. Additional costs are to be settled immediately with Tolbatours.
  17. Tolbatours is in no way accountable for any loss, theft or damage of luggage of participants at the accommodations, during transfers and during the tours.
  18. Tolbatours is not liable for damages and / or injury caused by force majeure such as natural disasters, strikes, political unrest, wars, etc.
  19. If Tolbatours may be liable for loss of enjoyment, or for damages that the participant suffers during the course of his profession or business, the compensation will never exceed the travel sum minus the costs incurred.
  20. Likewise, liability by Tolbatours for damages other than caused by death or injury of a passenger, are in all cases limited to the travel sum.
  21. Tolbatours accepts no liability for damages that are covered by travel and / or cancellation insurance.
  22. Tolbatours can do a lot of things, but not everything. Some services performed by third parties in cooperation with Tolbatours can go wrong despite the care and effort Tolbatours puts into them. That depends not only on people but also on local conditions such as weather conditions. It is therefore important (in view of the above and given the nature of the trip), that the participant comes with the right expectations to enjoy the journey.