Practical info


- friendly guidance and service by Tolba and his crew: drivers, cooks and mountain   guides. Tolba speaks English.
- all beds + mattresses
- transportation through the Sinai desert (jeep / camel)
- all meals
- water, tea and coffee

Not included

• Flights

Getting to the departure point is not included. Most of us need airplanes to Egypt. You need to organise this yourself. This way you can easily use the opportunity to prelude of finish the trip with a few days at the beach to spend or extra days in Cairo according to your own wishes and desires. However we would like to help in your search for flights. Mention this when applying for the trip.

• Visa

A visa can be purchased at the airport in Cairo, Taba or Sharm el-Sheikh.

• Travel insurance and cancellation insurance

It is your choice and responsibility whether or not to pay for travel insurance and / or cancellation insurance. You need to organise this yourself as we do not organise this.

• All other types of beverages

As previously mentioned, water, tea and coffee are included and provided by us. What we also can take,(but is not included: Coke (10 Egyptian pounds per can). Mention this when applying for the trip.

• Transfer

Transfer to and from the airport of Cairo, Taba or Sharm el-Sheikh is not included. Depending on group size and travel time, we can organise this for you, but it is not included in the price.

• Tips

Tips for services rendered are common and part of the income of many people. Occasions: taxis, guides, drivers, cook, ... The guideline for tips is 5 to 10%.



Plane tickets are not included in our tours. We have deliberately chosen for this for the following reason: when you book your flight, you can determine the length of your stay in Egypt yourself. Many travelers want a few days before or after a trip with Tolba to enjoy the Red Sea or other parts of Egypt. You also have more to say about the price and the air travel company. The Internet offers a range of options for searching and booking of flights to Egypt.

Below are some links of websites that you should consult. If you wish, we will be happy to help you finding a flight.



Consult your doctor for vaccinations and forms you need to visit Egypt.



In Egypt paid Egyptian pounds. One euro is approximately 8 Egyptian pounds. But the rate fluctuates constantly. A pound contains 100 piasters. There are coins in circulation, but these are rarely used. The bills look, even if only a few years old, quite worn out (to say the least). We advise to switch to euros at the airport in Egypt in one of the bank counters. Pre-buying Egyptian pounds in Belgium is very expensive. Cash dispensing is no problem in Cairo. It is perhaps unnecessary to mention that we have absolutely no ATM in the desert. Only the towns such as Nuweiba, Ras sidr, Dahab, St Katherine and Sharm el Sheikh have sufficient ability to change and withdrawal.
Although spending in the desert will be limited, we recommend that you do take adequate cash money in the early stages of the journey. A lot of expenses are included so extra's will mainly be drinks, souvenirs and tips. Keep in mind that in Egypt it is customary to give tips for services rendered.


Travel documents

For a stay in Egypt you will need a visa. In Belgium this does not have to be requested beforehand, but buy it at your arrival in the airport in Cairo or Sharm el Sheikh, one of the bank agencies (only then queue for the passport control with visa). For children, ask in advance exactly what is needed concerning travel documents and / or visa.

International passport:
Valid for at least another six months after leaving Egypt.


Climate in Egypt

The Sinai Desert is a true desert climate. This means great temperature differences between day and night.
A trip to Egypt is possible throughout the year. Each period has its advantages.
In summer it is dry and warm. The high temperatures there are well tolerated because of low humidity and the wind almost always blows from the north.
In winter, temperatures at night fall. By day, this time about 20 ° C. That is the coolest period. The nights are cold in winter, cool in spring and warm in summert.


What to bring along

- passport (+ copy)
- sleeping bag
- flashlight / head lamp
- sunscreen
- cap
- sunglasses
- walking and/or hiking sandals or shoes
- insect repellent / mosquito repellent
- toilet paper (+ lighter to burn paper)
- towel
- small suitcase, or overnight bag
- warm sweater
- swimwear (+ water shoes)
- camera and extra battery (+ any 12 volt charger to recharge in the car)
- money
- medication
- soap / shampoo
- sun protecting lip balm
- mobile phone (no range everywhere)
- telephone number of foreign health insurance and other useful information
- telephone number en infomation concerning your travel insurance
- travel insurance
- if wanted you can bring an extra sleeping mattress

In the predominantly Muslim Egypt appropriate dress is appreciated. Covering shoulders, upper arms and knees (for both men and women) is seen as a sign of respect.