Chakra tour

Heaven and earth, come home to yourself in the desert.

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Are you looking for nature, inspiration, inner peace or spirituality? Do you want to get away from the hectic life, the system in which we may lose ourselves?
To step out of the race is great for a week of quiet and meditation in the wilderness experience. The ultimate rest, just be quiet, listen to your inner voice, as no words should / must indicate what you feel and know.

Chakra trip Image

Do you want to experience this sensation with like-minded people? Sleep outside under the stars, listen to music of the Bedouin around the campfire, a camel ride, ... Real time for yourself, 24 hours a day, without having to wake up from that fine moment of meditation and into to our hectic lives.

You can really sense the desert, both heaven and earth. Sand, rocks, sun, silence, space and the stars gently bring you into the here and now. Your head is empty, your soul comes to rest.

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In the Dutch holiday-periods in May, summer and autumn, Bernadette van der Steen (teacher, aura reader, voice liberator) organizes a chakra-week in the Sinai. (

Every day a chakra is central. Through meditation, exercises, singing and creativity we are working on the themes that belong to that chakra. We stay at a beautiful spot in the middle of the Sinai. From there we make several trips by camel, on foot or by jeep.

7-day chakra week fare: €600 p.p. (excluding air travel)

group size:
minimum: 4 people
maximum: 10 people